What’s new for the RCP journals?

The growing volume of high-quality submissions to RCP journals means that we are now publishing some articles online only. This online content is subject to the same peer review, the same metrics and impact factor as the print journals; it is therefore of equal importance and, crucially, provides us with a wider opportunity to share our high-quality content. Online-only articles will be included in the print table of contents, the online issue table of contents, and will all be available in PubMed Central, searchable in PubMed and receive a DOI.

We launched our new and improved journals website in October 2019, with these key features for a better user experience:


Publish ahead of print
You can now read articles in ClinMed and FHJ as soon as they are ready, without having to wait for the next issue of the journal to be published. This brand-new content will be listed under ‘Latest articles’ on each journal’s start page and can also be found in a separate section under each journal’s ‘Content’ menu:

Subject collections
We have grouped content from both ClinMed and FHJ into subject collections, so you can now read up on the most popular topics in one place. Just go to the ‘Subject Collections’ tab in the main menu.

Easy navigation
Our navigation menus  – both the overarching main menu and the menus for the individual journals – have been designed to guide you to the desired information in just a few clicks. You can browse the content easily by publication period or find background information about each journal, as well as information for authors, reviewers and advertisers in clearly defined menu sections.

Improved mobile experience
Our new site is optimised for mobile browsers to enhance your reading when you are on the go.