Table 2.

Pharmacological targets and UK licensed indications of oral anticoagulants

Oral anticoagulantTargetUK indicationsDosing based on CrCl (mL/min)
≥5030–4915–29<15 or ESKD
WarfarinInhibitor of vitamin K-dependent clotting factorsAF, prosthetic heart valve, VTE, TIAMonitor INR
DabigatranDirect thrombin inhibitorVTE, AF150 mg twice daily (110 mg twice daily if ≥80 years, or on verapamil, or increased bleeding risk)Not recommended
RivaroxabanDirect inhibitor of activated factor XVTE, AF, or atheroembolic prophylaxis after ACS, or in CAD, or PAD20 mg once daily15 mg once dailyNot recommended
ApixabanDirect inhibitor of activated factor XVTE, AF5 mg twice daily (2.5 mg twice daily if two out of age ≥80 years, Wt <60 kg and sCr ≥133 μmol/L)2.5 mg twice dailyNot recommended
EdoxabanDirect inhibitor of activated factor XVTE, AF60 mg once daily (30 mg once daily if Wt <60 kg and treatment with verapamil, dronedarone or quinidine)30 mg once dailyNot recommended
  • The dose adjustments suggested are for guidance only and the reader is directed to local protocols and formularies for definitive dosing. ACS = acute coronary syndrome; AF = atrial fibrillation; CAD = coronary artery disease; CrCL = creatinine clearance rate; INR = international normalised ratio; PAD = peripheral arterial disease; sCr = serum creatinine; TIA = transient ischaemic attack; VTE = venous thromboembolism; Wt = body weight.