Table 1.

Top five admitting diagnoses in 2016 in the internal medicine step down unit with their mean scores

Diagnosisn=1,002 (%)q-SOFAAPACHE II
Acute kidney injury or chronic kidney disease399 (39.8%)1.8±0.614.7±4.8
Pneumonia291 (29.0%)1.8±0.612.7±5.1
Urinary tract infection211 (21.1%)1.8±0.613.4±5.1
Pulmonary oedema/heart failure171 (17.1%)1.7±0.614.2±5.2
Sepsis / septic shock159 (15.9%)1.9±0.613.6±5.2
  • q-SOFA = quick Sequential Organ Failure Assessment Score; APACHE = Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation.