Table 1.

Hospital interventions likely to improve outcome in patients with severe COVID-19 infection

Supportive careRest
Appropriate hydration
Nutritional support
VTE prophylaxis
Pain management – improving respiration
Management of comorbidities
COPD/asthma – nebulisers and steroids
Heart failure management
Fluid balance in renal failure
Titration of blood pressure medication
Adjusting immunosuppressive medication
Safe glycemic control
Early identificationEarly identification of secondary bacterial infection/sepsis
Identification of ‘COVID-19’ mimickers (eg urosepsis, heart failure, pulmonary embolism, CAP, HAP)
Early identification of hypoxia
Early identification of secondary pulmonary embolism
Early identification of type-2 myocardial infarction
Escalation plan discussions
Patients requiring CCU care
  • CAP = community-acquired pneumonia; COPD = chronic obstructive airways disease; HAP = hospital-acquired pneumonia; VTE = venous thromboembolism.