Table 1.

Example of FIIT-VP exercise recommendation for patients regularly taking part in exercise with well-controlled hypertension.21

Aerobic trainingStrength trainingFlexibility/balance training
Frequency5–7 days/week2–3 days/week (aim for non-consecutive days)2–3 days/week (aim for non-consecutive days)
IntensityModerate (40–59% of VO2 max)
This intensity will cause noticeable increases in heart rate and breathing but patient would still be able to maintain a conversation whilst exercising
Progress to start in keeping with patient's baseline capacity
Seated or bodyweight exercises can be used to start
Stretch to the point of feeling tightness or slight discomfort
Seated exercises can be used to start
TypeProlonged activities using large muscle groups (eg walking, cycling, cross-trainer or rowing)Body weight, free weight or machine exercisesCan be static, or dynamic stretching (eg pilates, yoga)
TimeAim for >30 minutes a day. This can be accumulated continuously or in shorter 10-minute blocks2–4 sets of 8–12 repetitionsHold static stretch for 10–30s, 2–4 repetitions for each exercise
VolumeAim for 150 mins/weekTo include all major muscle groupsTo include all major muscle groups
ProgressionPatient can aim to start in 5–10-minute blocks with a 10% increase in weekly volumeGradual increase in load from body weight to 40–50% of 1RM and then 60–70% of 1RMGradual increase in range of motions and difficulty
  • *Adapted using recommendations from American College of Sports Medicine Guidelines for Exercise testing and prescription.21 1RM = one repetition maximum, the maximum amount of weight that patient can possibly lift for one repetition.