Table 1.

Resolution of acidosis and ketones levels with administration of intravenous dextrose

Patient 1Patient 2
Timepoint, hours0131801101317
pCO2, kPa5.004.474.72n/a3.724.574.075.04
pO2, kPa9.4513.6013.60n/a12.895.0713.455.96
Na+, mmol/L134131133n/a130136133136
K+, mmol/L4.423.083.51n/a3.663.863.502.93
Lac, mmol/L1.41.3<1n/a<1<1<12.1
HCO3-, mmol/L16.317.220.315.012.816.015.122.4
CBG, mmol/L3.414.05.2n/a6.710.110.49.6
Ket, mmol/L3.31.60.8n/a4.32.4n/a0.9
  • BE = base excess; CBG = capillary blood glucose; HCO3- = bicarbonate; K+ = potassium; Ket = capillary ketone level; Lac = lactate; n/a = not applicable; Na+ = sodium; pCO2 = partial pressure of carbon dioxide; pO2 = partial pressure of oxygen.