Box 1.

Dr. Me case scenarios

For the following scenarios, should you ‘stay at home’, ‘visit the general practitioner’ or ‘go to the emergency department’?
  • You have a bit of a tummy ache and have vomited twice today, you have been drinking lots of water but have only managed to eat a little bit of food.

  • You have had a really sore throat for 3 days, you have been getting a high temperature and you can only drink a little bit of water.

  • You were running in the playground and fell over, you have a little bruise on your knee but you can still run around and play.

  • You have been vomiting six times a day for 5 days and you are not able to drink any water.

  • You have had a sore throat for 2 days, you can still eat all your food and you don't have a temperature.

  • You were jumping on the trampoline and fell off, landing on your arm, there is a big bump and it really hurts to move it.