Table 1.

Confidence in undertaking different roles in the emergency response

Aspect of the emergencyMean Likert scorep-value
Putting out the appropriate emergency call4.014.300.02*
Acting as first responder in an emergency call to a suspected COVID-19 patient2.823.95<0.001**
How to proceed during the MET/arrest call3.114.00<0.001**
Knowing what to do if a MET call converts into an arrest call3.234.16<0.001**
Knowing how to run/label bloods/ABGs during an emergency call3.213.86<0.001**
Donning and doffing PPE3.113.93<0.001**
Managing the scenario if the patient passes away2.643.14<0.001**
  • The mean Likert score of participants' responses when asked to choose the most appropriate statement to ‘I feel confident...’ in the pre- and post-simulation questionnaires is shown.

  • *p<0.05, **p<0.001. ABG = arterial blood gases.