Table 1.

COVID-19 medical training programme

COVID-19 summaryPresentation
eLearning package
Personal protective equipment (PPE)PHE donning and doffing video links
Trust PPE update
Medical scenariosAcute coronary syndrome with ECG interpretation
Managing palliative and end-of-life care
Medical investigationsArterial blood gases (ABGs)
Chest X-rays
COVID-19 local guidanceAssessment and treatment escalation bundles
Palliative care guidance
Resuscitation simulationsDeteriorating patient
Advanced life support in COVID-19 (in line with Resus Council [UK])
Additional resources documentRelevant eLearning for Healthcare (eLfH) packages
Local resources
COVID-19 wellbeing and support guidance
  • ECGs = electrocardiograms; PHE = Public Health England.