Table 1.

Questionnaire responses indicating educational needs of staff during COVID-19 outbreak

TopicNumber of doctors requesting teaching (%)
COVID-19-specific learning
Donning and doffing personal protective equipment (PPE)18 (40)
Managing a cardiac arrest in a patient with known or suspected COVID-1927 (60)
Taking and processing a nasopharyngeal swab23 (51)
Clinical skills and procedures
Arterial line insertion25 (56)
Cannulation5 (11)
Central line insertion27 (60)
Chest X-ray interpretation8 (18)
Electrocardiogram interpretation10 (22)
Intraosseous (IO) access18 (40)
Lumbar puncture13 (29)
Non-invasive ventilation26 (58)
Paracentesis16 (36)
Pleural aspiration18 (40)
Venepuncture3 (7)
Communication skills
Breaking bad news6 (13)
Challenging conversations with relatives8 (18)
Treatment escalation discussions13 (29)
Basic life support8 (18)
Completion of a medical certificate of cause of death9 (20)
Confirmation of death7 (16)
COVID-19 care bundle26 (58)
Documentation in notes7 (16)
End of life care10 (22)
Recognition and assessment of a deteriorating patient9 (20)
Venous thromboembolism assessment7 (16)