Table 2.

Questions relating to applications for the role

QuestionResponsen (%)
Who can apply for the rolea,bOnly final-year SpRs39 (22.7)
Only SpRs doing GIM as part of their training102 (59.3)
Only SpRs with experience of ‘management’46 (26.7)
Only SpRs with ambitions to be ‘senior medical leaders’68 (39.5)
Would you be interested in applying for the roleaYes28 (17.3)
No90 (55.6)
Unsure44 (27.2)
If not interested in applying for the role, what has influenced your decisiona,bMy trust of choice did not offer the role13 (10.7)
I wasn't aware the role existed20 (16.5)
I don't know what the role entails50 (41.3)
Unlikely to be successful11 (9.1)
It would harm my clinical training7 (5.8)
Training programme director unsupportive4 (3.3)
Would you prefer to do the role in programme or out of programmeaIn programme74 (68.5)
Out of programme19 (17.6)
Unsure or not interested15 (13.9)
What information would you find usefula,bExamples of ‘a day in the life’ of a chief registrar92 (80)
More information on the application process57 (49.6)
Examples of skills developed as a chief registrar86 (74.8)
More information on the training provided by the RCP65 (56.5)
  • a = response rates to each question varied, therefore percentages vary between questions;

  • b = questions permitted respondents to select multiple responses; GIM = general internal medicine; RCP = Royal College of Physicians; SpR = specialist registrar.