Table 1.

Characteristics of staff included in this analysis (analysed sample) versus all staff employed by the organisation (all trust staff)

Analysed sample (n=2521)All trust staff (n=4753)P value
Mean age (SD)42.5 (12.6)43.2 (11.8)ns
Females, n (%)2317 (91.9)3728 (78.4)<0.01
BAME, n (%)72 (3.4)*205 (4.3)ns
Patient facing role, n (%)1302 (66.1)3296 (69.3)ns
  • *Data available for 2,100 members of staff;

  • †data available for 1,971 members of staff. BAME = Black, Asian and minority ethnic; ns = non-significant.