Table 2.

Baseline and outcome for cases not proceeding for thrombectomy

Proceeding to MT, n=219Not proceeding to MT, n=77p valueImproved on arrival, n=30Established infarct on arrival, n=47p value
NIHSS change, mean (IQR)---11.5 (-8 to -16)1 (0 to 3)<0.001
Sites of arterial occlusion (%)
Intracranial ICA terminal27.929.90.6723.340.40.011
MCA M158.470.1<0.00186.759.60.443
Good collateral, %66.562.30.02610038.3<0.001
Transfer DTD time >180 minutes, %
Nocturnal, %a36.563.50.23350.029.80.165
Good functional outcome at 90 days, mRS 0–2, % (n)41.633.3<0.00183.3 (20/24)b2.6 (1/39)b<0.001
Mortality at 90 days, % (n)18.328.6<0.0014.2 (1/24)b43.6 (17/39)b0.002
  • a = including weekday and weekend;

  • b = among patients without thrombectomy, only 24 patients in improved group and 39 patients in established infarct group had 90 day outcome follow-up; DTD = door-to-door time (time from initial presentation at a referring stroke centre to arrival at the thrombectomy centre); ICA = internal carotid artery; MCA = middle cerebral artery; mRS = modified Rankin Scale; MT = mechanical thrombectomy; NIHSS = National Institutes of Health stroke scale.