Table 2.

Thematic analysis summary of what support healthcare professionals want

What support would healthcare professionals likeComments
Workplace-based supportHolistic support for mental health by employers, direct communication from senior staff, support regarding their role, onsite wellbeing support and choice to work from home, supportive visible managers and seniors, and more supervision.
Clearer signpostingInformation and advertising about what support and resources are available and a single point of COVID-19-related information.
Peer supportBalint groups, safe spaces, multidisciplinary team meetings and one-to-one debrief sessions, talking to colleagues and webinars, and protected time for peer support
Psychological support and therapiesGuided self-help, talking therapies, services which are free, short waiting lists for psychological support, and help that is specific for healthcare professionals and specific to COVID-19.
Staff helpline/telephone supportDedicated phone line for frontline staff, and direct telephone or video line tailored to COVID-19 issues.
Wellbeing activitiesMindfulness, yoga, fitness, physical activities, massage and relaxation sessions.
Support around specific clinical issues related to COVID-19How to discuss do not attempt resuscitation and ceiling of care, support managing COVID-19 illness, feeling involved in updates rather than just being emailed information.
Cultural/faith-based supportCultural approach and faith-based support options.
Bereavement supportSpecific to not being able to visit dying relative and attending funerals.
Effective leadership and communicationFrom the government and from others in leadership roles; proactive, truthful leadership; and better coordination.
Adequate/more personal protective equipmentEasy and inexpensive access to personal protective equipment, better protection for face-to-face contact.
Support from friends and familySome felt that support from friends and family was sufficient for supporting their mental health and wellbeing.
Tailored supportTailored, sensitive, local support.