Table 1.

Cases of reinfection with SARS-CoV-2

LocationSexAge (years)First infection (Ct)Second infection (Ct)Intervening period (days)Antibody after first infectionAntibody after reinfection
Hong Kong9Male33Mild (N/A)Asymptomatic (27)142NegativeIgG+
Nevada, USA10Male25Mild (35)Hospitalised (35)48N/AIgM+ and IgG+
Belgium11Female51Mild (26–27)Milder (33)93N/AIgG+
Ecuador12Male46Mild (37)Worse (N/A)63IgM+ and IgG–IgM+ and IgG+
  • Reproduced with permission from Iwasaki, 2020.1 Data were obtained 14 September 2020 for reinfection cases confirmed by viral genome sequences. Ct = cycle threshold; N/A = not available.