Table 1.

Predictors of major cardiovascular events

Univariate analysisMultivariate analysis
p valueOR (95% CI)p value
Age at listing0.18
Malea0.0079.98 (1.20–82.92)0.03
BMI at first year of transplantation0.20
Aetiology of liver disease0.34
Pre-transplant DMa0.0493.11 (0.92–10.57)0.07
Pre-transplant hypertension0.46
Pre-transplant dyslipidaemia0.63
Pre-transplant CVE0.71
History of smoking0.33
Post-transplant DM0.15
Post-transplant hypertensiona0.00071.47 (0.42–5.16)0.55
Post-transplant dyslipidaemiaa<0.000121.71 (5.52–85.36)<0.0001c
Use of tacrolimusa0.071.28 (0.21–7.77)0.79
Use of cyclosporina0.0026.37 (0.94–43.33)0.06
Use of sirolimus0.53
Centre (Nottingham/Ottawa)b0.130.53 (0.12–2.31)0.40
  • a = parameters with a p-value <0.10 on univariate analysis were included in the multivariate analysis

  • b = variable ‘centre’ was forced to be included in the multivariate analysis

  • c = the Bonferroni-corrected level of significance in this analysis was p<0.007; BMI = body mass index; CI = confidence interval; CVE = cardiovascular event; DM = diabetes mellitus; OR = odds ratio.