Table 1.

Semi-structured interview question stems

Stem numberQuestion stemExpanding themes
IWhat do you understand by anticipatory care planning?Have you had teaching at medical school or during foundation training?
How does it impact on patient care?
IIWhat witnessed experiences have you had of anticipatory care planning?Are you included in these discussions?
Where did they take place?
Did you feel it was an appropriate setting?
Is your input encouraged?
Who initiates these conversations: families or doctors?
Why were they positive or negative?
Were there disagreements or difficulties from family or staff?
IIIWhat personal experience have you had in having these conversations with patients and their families?Is it a part of your role; should it be?
Is your input encouraged?
How did you feel?
Have you witnessed or have you been involved in futile resuscitation, where anticipatory care planning has not occurred?
What effect did this have on you?
IVDo you feel confident having these discussions?Why/why not?
What could be offered to you to increase this?
What do you think are the main barriers?