Table 1.

The major advantages and disadvantages of the online approach to morphology teaching

Advantages of online approachDisadvantages of online approach
Ability to continue with morphology trainingCannot fully replicate the microscopy experience
Enables participation of those unable to attend in-person training (eg those shielding or in self-isolation)Adds to the screen time and virtual meeting burden for participants
Increased numbers participatingPotential to lose the advantages of small group teaching
More interdisciplinary training and discussionPotential to lose focus on the needs of the core group (clinical haematologists)
Use of the asynchronous material to prepare may encourage participation of less confident traineesPreparation of the asynchronous material is time consuming
Similar experience to participation in virtual MDTs and other clinical meetingsDoes not reflect the current format of the FRCPath Part 2 examination
  • MDTs = multidisciplinary team meetings.