Box 1.

Questions asked in the end of placement questionnaire

  • What was your motivation for becoming a medical support worker (MSW)?

  • What made you choose to apply for a role at the Whittington?

  • What were you expecting to do as part of your role?

  • Did you feel that the induction prepared you for your role?

  • What best describes the team you have been a part of?

  • Do you know who your direct clinical supervisor is? (Y/N) If Y, were they supportive to your needs?

  • What were your roles within your team?

  • Do you feel that you received enough pastoral/emotional support during the placement?

  • What have been the best parts of being an MSW?

  • What have been the biggest challenges of being an MSW?

  • Would you recommend a younger year student to apply for an MSW role if it runs again?

  • Has the MSW programme made you think differently about how medical students carry out their clinical placements? Please detail.

  • Do you think your experience as an MSW has prepared you for being an FY doctor?

  • How do you think your experience will influence you in your career as a doctor?

  • What were your overall thoughts about the MSW programme?

  • What did you think of the formal teaching programme?

  • What did you think of the feedback sessions?

  • What did you think of the pastoral care and who provided it?