Table 1.

Quality of e-discharges of all sections from audits and workshop

Audit 1, n=66Audit 2, n=66p value (compared with audit 1)Workshop attendees, n=33p value (compared with audit 1)
Allergies recorded86.0%86.0%NS87.9%NS
Allergy nature stated4.76%35%0.01650.0%0.0027
Presenting complaint adequate90.9%92.4%NS97.0%NS
Clinical findings adequate90.9%86.3%NS90.9%NS
Test results adequate54.5%84.8%<0.00190.9%<0.001
Diagnosis adequate74.2%80.3%NS84.8%NS
Progress and outcome adequate48.5%72.7%<0.0190.9%<0.001
Advice and recommendations adequate86.4%83.3%NS84.8%NS
All sections of adequate quality21.2%34.8%NS54.5%<0.001
  • NS = not significant.