Table 2.

Thematic analysis of post-course questionnaire free-text feedback

Theme with examples% of responses accounted for by theme
Theme 1: Inspiring confidence
‘I was very anxious about being on a general medical on-call rota and it had been part of my career choice. This helped make me think I could be the medical registrar after all. ‘
‘More positive and more achievable, reassured – had some significant imposter syndrome but can now see that you’re all human!’
’More positive. It will be tough but the day has given me coping methods and made me realise it is very rewarding.’
Theme 2: Sharing experiences
‘It’s great to know other people feel the same regarding making the jump.’
‘Knowing there’s no “one way” to be the medical registrar.’
‘Knowing what other people are worried about.’
Theme 3: Reassurance that you are not alone
‘Less terrified.’
‘Explained a lot of points I was worried about. Gave me more confidence that there is always someone to reach out to.’
’That it is ok to ask for help!’
Theme 4: Non-clinical tips/advice
‘Some great advice on soft skills and key questions.’
‘Really great overview of a lot of the non-clinical aspects of being a medical registrar.’
‘Gave practical tips and realistic advice.’
Theme 5: Clarification of the role
‘Demystified the impossible role of medical registrar.’
‘Very honest views on what being a medical registrar involves – dispelled myths about needing to be perfect.’
‘Consolidated my knowledge regarding expectations of medical registrars.’