Table 4.

North West Cancer Centre’s performance for MUO/CUP patients matched against national cancer waiting targets and recommended NICE targets for MUO/CUP patients

Recommendations for CWT, NHS England and NICE guidelines on MUO/CUP1,9Percent of NWCC MUO/CUP patients meeting the national recommendations
From referral to first oncology specialist review/input9≤14 days97.6% (40/42)
From decision-to-treat to first treatment (for only those patients who were suitable for treatment)9≤31 days85% (17/20)
From referral to first definitive treatment (for only those patients who were suitable for treatment)9≤62 days90% (18/20)
From referral to first MUO/CUP MDM discussion1≤14 days85.7% (36/42)
From referral to first inpatient review (for all inpatient referrals only)1≤24–48 hours96% (24/25)
From referral to first outpatient review (for all outpatient referrals only)1≤14 days76.5% (13/17)
  • CUP = carcinoma of unknown primary; CWT = cancer waiting times; MDM = multidisciplinary team meeting; MUO = malignancy of undefined primary origin; NICE = National Institute for Health and Care Excellence; NWCC; North West Cancer Centre.