Box 1.

Wellbeing information and resources promoted by the weekly e-bulletin during the pandemic

Signposting to resources
  • Apps (supporting eg mental health, sleep, physical activity)

  • Podcasts

  • Online videos

  • Rest spaces (eg on-site garden, ward ‘Novid’ spaces, site ‘Novid’ zones)

  • Articles

  • Hashtags (eg #StayInWorkOut from Sport England)

  • Counselling helplines, including those focusing on specific issues such as grief

  • Websites (eg Intensive Care Society wellbeing resource library, NHS staff benefits)

  • Details of local volunteer groups

  • ‘Recovery from illness’ therapy leaflets

  • Results of research trials that the Trust had participated in

Morale boosters
  • ‘Inspiration of the week’

  • Patient feedback

  • Family messages

  • Positive reflections (peer supporters were asked to reflect on their positive outcomes from the pandemic)

  • ‘PositiviTrees’ – walls of clinical areas decorated with positive messages

  • Inspirational quotes and pictures

Tips to improve aspects of wellbeing
  • Managing anxiety and worry (eg rescue breathing, keeping track of stressors)

  • Enhancing sleep

  • Maintaining physical activity

  • Making decisions

  • Working in masks

  • Staying connected with family and friends

  • Regulating exposure to social media

  • Supporting colleagues

  • Avoiding moral fatigue

Teambuilding and individual exercises
  • The COVID-19 Mixtape Exchange (team members sharing a 10-song playlist)

  • Team debriefs – virtual or social distanced, ground rules provided

  • Gratitude diaries