Table 1.

Problems identified during teaching sessions, and how they were addressed

ProblemInterventionResultSolved?Next step
Paracentesis model leaking after repeated use (Sawbones) and not very realisticMade our own ascitic abdomens using bags of normal saline and incontinence pads (single session use only)Excellent feedback from students: more realistic feelYes – problem of realism solved, however, messy and single use onlyPurchase of new model (Simulab): much more realistic and able to be used again after one session (multiple use), the longevity yet to be seen
Insufficient course capacity: multiple core medical trainees on a waiting list each courseCourse combined with other skills sessions to expand total capacityAbsolute numbers of students attending course increasedPartially – pre-course demand still exceeded capacityReduce participants failing to attend on the day to optimise use of capacity
Numerous core medical trainees failed to attend on the dayUsed Eventbrite, a sign-up site familiar to trainees used by the LETBAttendance still suboptimal but has slowly improved over timeNoConsider a monetary deposit, to be returned upon attendance
  • LETB = local education and training board.