Table 2.

Illustrative quotations for ‘Taking’ theme

Patient perspective‘Being able to be a proper doctor, see patients and have great clinical experience in A&E’
Financial payment‘Wanted to keep busy and earn money during lockdown’
Clinical experience‘I've had opportunities unavailable to most of my peers. I have had the ability to progress in a supportive and friendly environment’
Allied health professional experience‘Learning about the different roles of the healthcare team’
Compassion‘I truly feel I have grown as a person’
Clinical/pastoral support‘My highlight was probably meeting my team and bonding with them so much – I didn't expect to come away from this having made such firm friends’
End of life care‘I've gained a unique perspective on the importance of the multidisciplinary team (MDT) and on death and how to care for patients at the end of their lives’
FY1 confidence‘Getting comfortable with life as a doctor which will help enormously for starting in August’
COVID anxiety‘Nice to start work with friends from uni during such a strange time’