Table 2.

Themes and interview quotations

Theme A: Understanding of and confidence in anticipatory care planningTheme B: Variation in specialtyTheme C: Further educational needs
Doctor 5: ‘Resuscitation of patients who should never be undergoing resuscitation because the conversation hasn’t happened early enough.
’Doctor 1: ‘I think it’s something we should be doing more readily and earlier and trying to normalise.
’Doctor 8: ‘Juniors are the people who are more constant on the ward … the patients and families have a good relationship with the junior team.’
Doctor 4: ‘Stroke and elderly medicine are very on the ball … it’s fairly bread-and-butter for them it’s a common occurrence.
’Doctor 6: ‘In some specialties, it’s just not as much of a consideration.
’Doctor 7: ‘We need adequate clinical exposure and experience to make those decisions.’
Doctor 3: ‘Very much something that I have learnt on the job, watching my seniors do it … you learn buzzwords and you learn ways to say things that people don’t take offence to.
’Doctor 1: ‘I think with the way the Foundation Programme is structured, with a variety of different training days across the first couple of years, it’s certainly something that could be considered being put in within that curriculum.’