Box 1.

Representative written comments from feedback forms and emails, grouped by theme

The ability to access content online:
‘It is so much easier to ‘attend’ a grand round via Zoom – pandemic aside. It would be great to continue them online post-COVID. It allows those either not based in Cambridge or without time to attend in person to benefit from them. I've not been to so many grand rounds in years as I have done in the past few months. Well done to everyone involved.’
‘Excellent organisation and great bite size value; not usually able to attend grand rounds… but this has a far greater reach and I hope is continued beyond these exceptional times when we are back to normal service.’
Feedback from GPs:
‘Please, please continue offering this for local GPs – even the grand rounds when COVID is over will be educational and the ability to ask questions and bridge the primary/secondary care interface is very much appreciated. Outstanding series so far – has been very helpful in getting a handle on COVID and the impact on the system locally.’
‘I am a GP, hugely value being able to join the grand round. Please keep this going particularly beyond COVID-19. Thank you.’
General comments:
‘Excellent as usual. Concise and informative, these seminars have been consistently very interesting.’
‘Overall I've found these succinct and super-informative week by week.’