Table 1.

Summary of traffic light risk stratification system

Clinical assessmentDescriptor
Green: COVID-19 is not in the differential diagnosisAn alternative diagnosis is the most likely explanation for the entire clinical picture, including the features that would otherwise point towards COVID-19
Amber: COVID-19 is in the differential diagnoses but not the leading diagnosis (another diagnosis is at least as likely as COVID-19)The clinical features could be consistent with COVID-19, but an alternative diagnosis could reasonably explain the clinical picture
Red: COVID-19 is the leading diagnosis (COVID-19 is top of the list of differential diagnoses)Several clinical features point towards a diagnosis of COVID-19
An alternative diagnosis might explain the clinical features, but the overall clinical picture is more in keeping with that of COVID-19 (or its complications)
The overall clinical suspicion is so strong that a single negative swab is insufficient to dissuade the clinician from a diagnosis of COVID-19