Table 1.

Baseline demographics of training and test groups

H, n (%)CH, n (%)IR, n (%)D, n (%)Male, %mRS, meanNIHSS, meanAge, mean
Train, total n=1,016153 (15.1)269 (26.5)499 (49.1)95 (9.4)
Test, total n=11518 (15.7)30 (26.1)56 (48.7)11 (9.6)50.42.368.5174.8
  • There was no difference between train and test sets for any of the patient characteristics or outcomes (p<0.05). CH = community hospital; D = death; H = home; IR = inpatient rehabilitation; mRS = modified Rankin Scale; NIHSS = National Institutes for Health Stroke Scale.