Table 1.

Hypothetical COVID-19 ward patient with isolated hypoxaemia due to deteriorating pO2:FiO2 ratio

DeteriorationO2 saturationspO2, kPaFiO2pO2:FiO2 ratioNEWS2
‘Time 0–12 hours’91%∼7.90.3∼265Patient generally managed in level 1 ward area
‘Time 0–6 hours’90%∼7.70.4∼195Candidate for ICU escalation
‘Time 0’89%∼7.40.5∼155Constant NEWS2 due to absence change in other physiological parameters
  • ICU = intensive care unit; NEWS2 = National Early Warning Score 2; pO2:FiO2 ratio = ratio of arterial oxygen partial pressure (pO2; in kPa) to fractional inspired oxygen (FiO2; expressed as a fraction, not a percentage).