Table 1.

Warfarin and DOAC treated groups

Warfarin, n=95DOACs, n=204
Time from referral to DCCV, months52–243–641–123–60.002
GP visits, n63–204–9111–1<0.001
UHS visits, n42–64–542–63–40.003
Total distance travelled, km51.8610.65–343.8034.63–99.738.805.95–316.7521.96–83<0.001
Coagulation studies, n64–265–1111–11–1<0.001
Travel-related CF, kgCO2e12.582.58–83.378.38–24.189.411.44–76.85.32–20.13<0.001
Total CF, kgCO2e85.4952.07–185.5567.39–97.2958.1638.26–120.9864.17–47.81<0.0001
CO2e expressed as equivalent car travel for the whole care pathwaya534325–1160363239–756
  • aEquivalent car distance travelled assumes 160 gCO2/km. CF = carbon footprint; DOAC = direct acting oral anticoagulant; DCCV = direct current cardioversion; GP = general practitioner; IQR = interquartile range; kgCO2e = kg carbon dioxide equivalence; UHS = University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust.