Box 1.

Examples of medicines management technicians' responses to open questions about their views and experiences of alcohol identification and brief advice

‘I worry that patients will feel I am asking something too personal or maybe I feel that asking about someone's drinking habits is quite personal. I don't want to make patients feel judged about their lifestyle.’ MMT 16, 2017 survey.
‘I believe it is an important aspect of patient care as it can highlight potential risks to patient health and offer opportunities for patients to come to terms of their excessive alcohol consumption and then be able to make decisions to lower their consumption.’ MMT 14, 2019 survey.
‘My confidence is growing in being able to work out the units and I think the more I continue to do so, the more competent I will feel in carrying out this role.’ MMT 8, 2019 survey.
‘I find the patients that score 5–7 easy to offer advice to and suggesting to these patients they reduce their intake slightly. I find patients that [score] 8–10 are often defensive and say they don't have a problem – and often refuse a leaflet.’ MMT 2, 2019 survey.