Table 1.

Student data overview

TimeDelays of up to 3 months setting up the project.
‘Post-January panic’: knock-on effects on other clinical commitments.
PersonnelSupervisors had little understanding of QI and the module aims and engaged poorly with training.
PreparationStudents felt ill-prepared to undertake QI.
The introduction to the module was too ‘glamorous’ and gave an unrealistic view of the challenges.
AssessmentAnxiety about contribution to education performance measure.
Unanimous distrust in the marking system, unclear module aims and concern about subjectivity.
Lack of effective feedback, breakdown and justification of marks.
Does not reflect learning on the ‘informal curriculum’.
EnvironmentTraveling from peripheral sites to complete QI reduced engagement in the project and negatively affected other clinical work.
ValueStudents valued learning about QI and undertaking the module in the clinical setting.
There was a feeling that it goes some way to preparing them for undertaking QI as a graduate.
They learnt about practicalities of QI, barriers, challenges and frustrations.
  • QI = quality improvement.