Table 1.

Demographics and clinical characteristics of patients who had CPAP withdrawn. N=19

Age, mean (range)75 (60–84) years
Length of stay, mean (range)12.1 (5–27) days
Clinical Frailty Scale score, mean (range)4 (1–7)
Duration of CPAP, mean (range)8.2 (3–16) days
Maximum CPAP PEEP, mean (range)13 (10–15) cmH2O
Maximum FiO2, mean (range)90% (60–100%)
Ethnicity, % BAME84%
CPAP withdrawal planned84%
Daytime (9am–5pm) CPAP withdrawal84%
  • BAME = Black, Asian or minority ethnicity; CPAP = continuous positive airway pressure; FiO2 = fraction of inspired oxygen; PEEP = positive end expiratory pressure