Table 3.

Clinical and biochemical features of T1D, T2D, LADA, MODY, ketosis-prone diabetes

T1DT2DMODYLADAKetosis-prone diabetes
Age of onsetChildhood/adolescenceAdulthood<30 years old30–50 years oldAdulthood
EthnicityMore common in White peopleMore common in Asian peoplePrevalence not knownMore common in White peopleMore common in Black African/African–Caribbean people
Insulin requirementAt diagnosisAbsent or years after diagnosisVariable>6 months after diagnosisIf DKA / low C-peptide levels
Diabetes autoantibodiesHigh titreAbsentAbsentHigh/low titreAbsent
C-peptide levels 5 years post-diagnosisUsually <300 pmol/LNormal/increasedUsually >300 pmol/LDecreased but still detectableVariable
  • BMI = body mass index; DKA = diabetic ketoacidosis; LADA = latent autoimmune diabetes in adults; MODY = maturity onset diabetes of the young; T1D = type 1 diabetes; T2D = type 2 diabetes.