Table 4.

Pregnancy outcomes and risk in severe hypertension compared with pre-eclampsia in the absence of severe hypertension

Gestational hypertension, %8,9Preeclampsia without severe features, BP <160/110 mmHg, %8,9Severe gestational hypertension, BP ≥160/110 mmHg, %8,9Odds ratio (95% CI) for outcome in severe hypertension adjusted for pre-eclampsia10
Maternal outcomes
Elevated liver enzymes1. (1.12–5.43)
Placental abruption0.3–1.30.5–3.23.1–4.2
Induction of labour23.841.550
Caesarean delivery29.130.928.1
Neonatal outcomes
Delivery <37 weeks’ gestation17.825.854.22.59 (1.83–3.68)
Delivery <34 weeks’ gestation11.93.23.07 (1.97–4.80)
Small for gestational age6.5–6.94.8–9.210.2–20.81.75 (1.19–2.58)
Birthweight <2,500 g7.711.125.8
Intensive care unit admission12.5–18.224.2–27.320.8–29
Respiratory distress4.8–5.53.2–4.86.5–12.5
Perinatal death0.1––3.1
  • BP = blood pressure; CI = confidence interval; DIC = disseminated intravascular coagulation.