Table 1.

Multivariate model associated with those that had mistrust in the medical profession

QuestionAnswerOdds ratiop-value95% confidence interval
–3.50<0.01a–4.32 – –2.68
What age group are you?18–29 yearsbn/an/an/a
50–69 years–0.290.42–1.01–0.42
<18 years–0.400.68–2.30–1.50
Prefer not to say13.190.98–818.60–844.98
>70 years1.970.22–1.18–5.13
30–49 years0.080.76–0.40–0.55
Have you ever witnessed unprofessional behaviour from doctors on Twitter?Nobn/an/an/a
Not sure0.800.09–0.12–1.72
Have you ever witnessed an incident on Twitter where doctors could have potentially breached patient confidentiality?Nobn/an/an/a
Not sure0.550.08–0.06–1.15
Do you think Twitter should fact check the content posted by doctors?Nobn/an/an/a
Not sure0.520.07–0.04–1.09
Do you think doctors’ regulators should monitor Twitter accounts in line with their role of conduct?Nobn/an/an/a
Not sure0.330.32–0.32–0.98
Do you think doctors’ employers should monitor Twitter accounts?Nobn/an/an/a
Not sure–0.200.56–0.86–0.46
Should doctors be allowed to post adverts and monetise their Twitter account?Nobn/an/an/a
Not sure–0.520.07–1.08–0.05
Yes–0.560.02a–1.04 – –0.07
  • aStatistically significant

  • breference answer.