Table 1.

Safety of commonly used radiological imaging for the management of COVID-19 in pregnancy8

Imaging modalityFetal radiation doseRadiation to a mother’s breasts
(Threshold for fetal damage is 50 mGy, each 1 mGy increases the risk of fatal childhood cancer up to the age of 15 years by 0.006%)(10 mGy increases the lifetime risk of developing breast cancer by 13.6%; modern protocols may lead to reduced radiation)
CXR0.0005 – 0.01 mGy0.04 mGy
CTPA / CT of the thorax0.1 mGy3–10 mGy
V/Q0.32 – 0.74 mGy0.22 – 0.28 mGy
US Dopplern/an/a
  • CT = computed tomography; CTPA = computed tomography pulmonary angiography; CXR = chest X-ray; US = ultrasound; V/Q = ventilation–perfusion scan.