Table 1.

Laboratory results

InvestigationResult (normal range)Comment
Serum corrected calcium, mmol/L2.32 (2.1–2.6)
C-reactive protein, mg/L2 (<10)
Plasma glucose (random), mmol/L14 (4.1–11)
B12, μg/L422 (180–1,000)
Folate, μg/L9.9 (>4.0)
Copper, μmol/L14.4 (12–25)
Vitamin 25(OH) D, nmol/L27.1 (deficiency <30)
Hepatitis B surface antibody, mIU/L<10
Hepatitis B surface antigenNot detected
Hepatitis B core antigenNot detected
Hepatitis C antibodyNot detected
Syphilis antibodyNot detected
HTLV 1 and 2 antibodiesNot detected
Borrelia burgdorferi immunoglobulin M and GNot detected
Human herpes virus 6 PCRNegative
HIV antibody/antigenNot detected
Mycoplasma pneumoniae complement fixation test<16No significant titres
Mycoplasma aggNegative
Anti-AQP-4 antibodyNegative
Anti-Hu antibodyNegative
Purkinje cell (anti-Yo) antibodyNegative
Anti-Ri antibodyNegative
Anti-MOG antibodyNegative
CSF protein, g/L1.62 (0.15–0.4)
CSF glucose, mmol/L7.6
CSF white blood cells, × 10 6/L11100% lymphocytes
CSF red blood cells, × 10 6/L40
CSF microscopy and cultureNo organisms seen, no growth
CSF cytologyNo malignant cells seen
CSF JC virus PCRNegative
CSF oligoclonal bandsOligoclonal bands of identical band pattern to that found in the serumSuggestive of a systemic inflammatory response but not of intrathecal immunoglobulin G synthesis
Atypical ANCAPositiveOf doubtful significance
PR3 and MPO specific ANCANegative
ENA (Ro, La, Am, RNP, Scl-70 and Jo-1)Negative
Serum ACE, U/L44 (8–52)
  • ACE = angiotensin converting enzyme; ANA = antinuclear antibodies; ANCA = anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies; AQP-4 = aquaporin-4; CSF = cerebrospinal fluid; ENA = extractable nuclear antigens; HTLV = human T-lymphotropic virus; JC = John Cunningham; MOG = myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein; MPO = myeloperoxidase; PCR = polymerase chain reaction.