Table 2.

Outcome of vaccination requests (up to the first week of March 2022)

Outcome of requestNumberAdditional information
Not required3Three patients had already received their full vaccination course.
Pending4Four patients remained as inpatients and were still awaiting vaccination.
Vaccinated34Twenty-eight patients received their vaccine while an inpatient, and two returned at a later date after discharge.
Four outpatients were vaccinated following submission of a request.
Not vaccinated as requested and discharged45Three patients died after discharge (not COVID-19 related).
Eight were not contactable.
Fifteen had received a vaccine dose at another location.
Five had made plans in their local area for vaccination.
Three had been asked by their medical team to delay vaccination (eg due to chemotherapy).
Two declined vaccination.
Two wanted time to consider whether they wanted a vaccine before arranging an appointment.
Four informed the team they would make an appointment locally.
One patient was booked for a dose at GSTT at their request.
One was under the age of 18 and not contacted.
One had been discharged to a care home and was unable to consent to vaccination (their GP was informed of the situation to consider whether vaccination would be in their best interest).
  • GP = general practitioner; GSTT = Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust.