Table 2.

Reasons for not undertaking research

QuestionResponsen (%)
I don't want to do any research, n=153
Agree46 (30.1)
Disagree59 (38.6)
Not sure48 (31.4)
I don't want to prolong my training, n=153
Agree77 (50.3)
Disagree52 (34.0)
Not sure24 (15.7)
I don't have a clear idea of which topic to research, n=149
Agree109 (73.2)
Disagree24 (16.1)
Not sure16 (10.7)
I don't know how to get funding, n=147
Agree127 (86.4)
Disagree12 (8.2)
Not sure8 (5.4)
I don't know how to develop an idea, n=150
Agree111 (74.0)
Disagree24 (16.0)
Not sure15 (10.0)
I have no one to supervise me, n=146
Agree74 (50.7)
Disagree39 (26.7)
Not sure33 (22.6)
  • Note: only invited to respond if respondent had not undertaken any research.