Table 1.

Porter and Lee's strategic agenda for moving to a high-value healthcare delivery system

Value agendaExamples of steps taken in response to the pandemic
Organise care around medical conditionsPopulations were segmented based on risks associated with COVID-19 infection, allowing for tailored responses and prioritised resource allocation to maximise population-level outcomes
Measure outcomes and costsStandardised results measurements were adopted and made transparent at the national and international level, enabling benchmarking and rapid adoption of new standards of care
Move to bundle payments for care cyclesFinancial flexibility in provider payment was implemented, enabling fast service redesign and resource reallocation to improve COVID-19 care while meeting broader health and social needs
Integrate care across separate facilitiesGreater collaboration happened across local health and care services, enabling fast service shifts affecting the whole care pathway
Expand services across geographiesNew care models integrating acute, non-acute and digital care settings enabled fast expansion and continuity of care delivery through a broader range of delivery assets
Build enabling IT platformsHealth system data was consolidated, new health informatics systems were introduced and enhanced analytics were deployed that can support future development of value-based healthcare