Table 1.

Summary of investigations results during early phase of admission

InvestigationsCase 1Case 2Reference range
Homocysteine totalNot done58.2 umol/l0–15 umol/l
Active B123663 pmol/L25–108 pmol/L
<25: B12 deficiency
25–70: possible B12 deficiency
>70: B12 depleted
Methylmalonic acid11,427675 nmol/L0–280 nmol/L
High level suggests functional vitamin B12 deficiency at the tissue level
Anti-phospholipid syndrome screenNegativeNegative
Protein C activity114.1 iu/dL121.9 iu/dL81.1–146.3 iu/dL
Free protein S antigen116.6 iu/dLNot done iu/dL80.2–137.4 iu/dL
Anti-thrombin activity51.6 iu/dL107.2 iu/dL87–124.5 iu/dL
Prothrombin 20210NormalNormal
Factor V LeidenNot doneNormal
JAK2 V617FNot detectedNot done