Table 2.

Description of studies that satisfied the study eligibility criteria

Authors, yearStudy designStudy populationCountryStudy populationAims
Müller et al, 202111Semi-structured interviewsn=5GermanyPatients attending health centre for dental treatmentIdentify barriers and enablers for implementation of AI in dental radiography
Lennartz et al, 202114Cross-sectional surveyn=229GermanyPatients attending outpatient CT or MRI imaging appointmentsInvestigate patient opinions on acceptability of AI in aspects of medical workflow and with differing levels of human control and supervision
Ongena et al, 202112Cross-sectional surveyn=922The NetherlandsRespondents (aged ≥16 years) to nationally representative household surveyTo investigate general population's view of use of AI in interpretation of screening mammograms
Ongena et al, 202015Cross-sectional surveyn=155The NetherlandsPatients attending outpatient CT, MRI and conventional radiography appointmentsTo develop and validate a standardised questionnaire on patient views regarding implementation of AI in radiology
York et al, 202013Cross-sectional surveyn=216UKPatients attending outpatient fracture clinicPatient attitudes to potential use of AI in assisting clinicians with interpretation and subsequent management of injuries identified through skeletal radiography
Jonmarker et al, 2019 9Cross-sectional surveyn=2,196SwedenBreast cancer screening participants with a negative mammogram resultEstablish attitudes toward future use of AI in mammography among screening participants
Haan et al, 2019 10Semi-structured interviewsn=20The NetherlandsPatients attending outpatient CT chest and abdomen appointmentsEvaluate patient level of knowledge and views of AI and identify domains related to patient perspectives
  • AI = artificial intelligence; CT = computed tomography; MRI = magnetic resonance imaging.