Table 3.

Excerpts from a toolkit to support SJR completion: ‘overall care’ phase

ThemeVery poorPoorAdequateGoodExcellent
Timely, safe, high-quality careCare is not provided in timely or safe manner
Care might be actively inappropriate, and might have the potential to cause harm
Care is safe, but not timely
Medical or nursing practice might not meet appropriate standards
Care might not be appropriately ‘joined up’ to facilitate good practice
Care is safe and timely
Appropriate documentation
Care is safe and timely, and in line with good practice
Appropriate documentation
Evidence of attempts to provide holistic, patient-centred and compassionate care
Care is holistic, patient centred, in line with good medical and nursing practice and delivered within a reasonable timeframe
No evidence that delays to provision of care could have caused harm to patient
Care is compassionate in all respects