Table 1.

Qualitative comments offered by patients following virtual ward round

‘What would have helped to improve the consultation?’
No changes required‘Everything was alright’
‘Was fine the way it was’
‘Nothing–was plain spoken, could hear clearly, experienced doctor for examining and guiding–tip top’
Technology‘Angle of robot (positioning)’
‘Headphones may help improve audio’
‘Helped having FY1/SpR in person to interpret if anything unclear’
Other‘The consultation was ok but face-to-face would be better’
‘Would like to see what is written/shown on the computer’
‘Is there anything you would like to add?’
Gratitude‘Very kind and very helpful’
‘Very efficient way of doing it’
‘Very kind and hope it all goes well with pregnancy’
‘Very friendly, very nice doctors, I'm happy.’
‘I am very thankful to her and team’
Technology‘Off putting not knowing if Cons can see pt from funny angle’
‘Window caused a reflection on ipad screen, but she (the patient) has gotten used to it due to speaking to family on phone’
‘Could not see her properly because i could not turn my head (in collar). it was like a normal person talking’
Other‘Was against it previously but understands why it has to be done’
‘I think the remote consultation perhaps does not resolve some of the issues face-to-face would resolve’