Table 3.

Comparison of the perceived workload of junior (ST3–5) versus senior (ST6–7) specialist registrars

Junior specialist registrarsSenior specialist registrars
Clinical activities overall
Overall time worked without direct consultant supervision, %4856*
Referrals where consultant advice was sought, %2218
Referrals accepted, %5962
Accepted referrals personally clerked or reviewed, %7575
Outpatient clinics – all specialties
Proportion of specialist registrars doing outpatient clinics, %6896*
Average clinics per week,3.22.3
Patients seen where consultant advice is sought, %4133*
Patients discharged by specialist registrar, %3445*
Ward work
Ward work performed without direct consultant supervision, %6771
Ward rounds per week,54.8
Trainee surgeons
Sessions per week in theatre,3.24.1
Cases per session,4.44.3
Procedures performed independently, %5551
Cases where responder is scrubbed from the beginning to the end of the operation, %9697
Postoperative reviews led by trainee, %5053
Trainee anaesthetists
Sessions per week in theatre,9.78.0
Cases per session,43
Cases in a list anaesthetised by responder, %9380
Time in a list where responder is directly supervised by consultant, %6820*
  • All figures are given as averages of all responders. *p < 0.05.