Table 2.

Comparison of the workload of medical and surgical specialist registrars

Clinical activities overall
Time worked without the direct presence of consultant, %6538*
Referrals per day,5.46
Referrals personally reviewed, %6159
Time spent handling bleeps or phone calls per day, mins7045
Average on-call referrals handled,127*
Consultant present during on-calls, %1323*
Referrals where immediate consultant advice was sought, %2025
Referrals accepted, %6546*
Accepted referrals personally clerked or reviewed, %8068
Outpatient clinics – all specialties
Average clinics per week,2.33.2
Ward work
Ward work performed independently, %6969
Ward rounds per week,4.55
Sick inpatient reviews per day,24
Average time spent reviewing a sick inpatient, mins3818*
  • *p<0.05.