Table 1.

Descriptive statistics for study 1 variables

Age (as of 01.01.09), years2,56129.744.242460
Predictor variables
CMT shortlisting score2,56929.4611.980.0075.00
CMT total interview score1,97445.658.0018.0060.00
CPS score2,275255.4437.55123.00334.00
SJT score2,263251.6137.41113.00329.00
Criterion variables
MRCP(UK) part 1 score *1,693–4.3612.31–40.8027.53
MRCP(UK) part 2 written score *1,2663.686.85–18.0027.55
MRCP(UK) PACES score *1,1794.3920.70–64.0042.00
  • *Exam score relative to the pass mark for that particular sitting.

  • CMT = core medical training; CPS = clinical problem solving test; MRCP(UK) = membership of Royal College of Physicians (UK); PACES = practical assessment of clinical examination skills; SJT = situational judgement test;