Table 4.

Association between influenza vaccine uptake in each class of healthcare worker and sickness absence rate

Beta95% CIp-valueAdjusted p-value*
Doctors–0.218(–0.385 to –0.051)0.0110.014
Nurses–0.378(–0.598 to –0.159)0.0010.004
Other clinical staff–0.202(–0.364 to –0.039)0.0150.015
Non-clinical support staff–0.232(–0.381 to –0.083)0.0020.004
  • *p-values adjusted for multiple testing using the Benjamini-Hochberg method.

  • Results correspond to a linear mixed-effects model with a random intercept for NHS trust for each class separately. Each model was adjusted for flu vaccine efficacy, flu deaths in England, type of NHS trust and Overall Engagement Score obtained from the NHS staff survey.